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Monday, March 3, 2014

Upcycle a Cardboard Carton with Crochet

Upcycle a Cardboard Carton
with Crochet

Materials Needed:
Sturdy Cardboard Carton, empty (this example used a Huggies Snug & Dry carton, 54-pack size)
·       Worsted Weight Yarn (this project is a good way to use up yarn bits in the stash!)
·       Crochet Hook Size K (a larger hook makes for faster finish!)
·       Yarn Needle
·       An awl or pick to punch holes into the carton (holes must be large enough to allow the yarn needle threaded with single yarn strand to pass through)

Note:  Use two strands of yarn held together

Step 1:  Beginning at bottom of box:   Chain a length approximately 1-1/2” shorter than the length of the bottom of the carton (turn your carton upside down and hold the chain loosely across the bottom to measure.)  Sc across the chain, and re-measure.  Your chain should now reach the edge across the bottom of the carton.  If not, adjust by adding more or fewer chains – remember, the chain will be stretchy, so hold the chain loosely to measure against the carton, do not stretch it out.  The piece should be measured against the bottom of the carton – when held loosely against the bottom of the box, the sides of the rows should match the edges of the box bottom. 

Sc each row, and repeat until piece covers the bottom of the box (turn the box over frequently, and hold your work against it to check your progress.)  Your completed bottom should cover the bottom of the carton, edge to edge.  Cut yarn. 

Step 2:  With contrasting yarns or the same colors as desired, attach new yarn to any corner of the bottom piece.  Sc across, and repeat by sc each row, until the piece measures the length of the box side (hold your work with the bottom in place and smooth it up the side of the box to see where you are for length).  Once you have reached the exact length of the box side (and keep in mind that ‘exact length’ means that when unstretched, the piece measures the length of the box side), work 2 rows in dc (these two rows will fold over into the inside of the carton edge).  Cut yarn.  Repeat for remaining three sides.

Step 3:  Use a strand of yarn and the yarn needle to sew the four seams closed (or, attach a single strand of yarn, and use a Size G crochet hook to sc along each seam, for a ridged look.)

Step 4:  Sewing the cover onto the carton:  Hold the cover against the carton and fold the two rows of dc into the carton to determine where your holes will be placed; they should be approximately in between the two rows (about 1” in from edge of carton).   Use the awl or pick to punch evenly-spaced holes across the edges of the box . 

Step 5:  Thread yarn needle with a long strand of yarn, and anchor the yarn by running a few stitches through the edge of the dc.  Needle through a corner hole, and begin an overcast stitch along the carton edge, following the holes you punched.   Weave in any loose yarn ends to finish.

Project Suggestions: 
·       Finish your project by adding handles
·       Add a lining of fabric to inside of carton
·       Use bright primary colors for each side for a child’s storage box
·       This project is a great way to use up bits in the yarn stash