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Friday, February 20, 2009

Update to the Listen and Play Workshop

Special Announcement:

Listen & Play! A Workshop for Native American style flutes & instruments

Some great news to share with you about the upcoming "Listen & Play!" workshop scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2009.

Far Western Tavern
As a special treat for participants, the workshop will held at the world famous Far Western Tavern in Guadalupe. The second floor banquet room of this historic restaurant has been reserved so that you can enjoy your day playing great music. By the end of the day, you will have such an appetite from all of the aromas, you can treat yourself to an incredible dining experience.

Come join the fun! Sign-up for the workshop soon to reserve your seat. We have participants from the Desert Cloud Flute Circle in Nevada signed-up for this event.
The Far Western Tavern is located on scenic Highway 1 in historic downtown Guadalupe on Californias Central Coast (899 Guadalupe Street,
Guadalupe, CA 93434)

Far Western Tavern Map

Your Musical Brain
Whether you are a beginning flute player or seasoned pro, you will learn how to use the greatest jukebox ever invented -- your memory! If you grew up listening to vinyl records, 8-track tapes, cassettes, your favorite radio station or CDs, you are able to hear and recall every note, every vocal inflection and stylistic detail. Your mind has the astonishing capacity that is virtually untapped.

In this fun workshop, you will learn the concepts and techniques to help you use your musical brain. Combine this capability with the Native American flute and you can play many of your tunes, without reading music or using song sheets. I'll show you my proven techniques how to play your flute to variety of music genre. You will have fun playing along with many songs that you have stored in your memory.

Great Workshop, Great Location
The workshop will be held in the banquet room of the world famous Far Western Tavern. You will watch videos, graphics and images on a large screen and hear the music through a sound system along with a microphone set-up.
You will build confidence as you play drums and acoustical instruments to songs such as Hotel California and other great tunes. All participants will be amazed as they will listen and play songs with accurate style.

All skill levels are invited to attend. For those that need a flute, I'm taking orders for the Butch Hall "Little Horse" A-minor flute. Drums, percussion and acoustic instruments welcome.
Discover the Benefits of Music
Playing an instrument such as the Native American style flute enables people who never before considered themselves musical to discover benefits such as joy & wellness. Is time to unleash your musical brain and discover music!

Contact workshop@theflutecircle.com for registration information

In Song & Spirit,

Tim Romero
Music Teachers National Association - Member
Producer/Director of Journey to Zion - A documentary about the discovering the joy of playing the Native American style flute (2007).